Bread pudding is a bread-based dessert popular in many countries' cuisines, made with stale bread and milk or cream, generally containing eggs, a form of fat such as oil, butter or suet, raisins, and depending on whether the pudding is sweet or savory, a variety of other ingredients. Sweet bread puddings may use sugar, syrup, honey, dried fruit, nuts, as well as spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, or vanilla. The bread is soaked in the liquids, mixed with the other ingredients, and baked.

A frozen beverage, blended with a variety of fruit or other flavors. Served on a cup, topped with Whipped cream and decorative sweets.

Mallorca originates from Ensaïmades bread from the Spanish island of Majorca, which is why we call it mallorca bread. But like much of Puerto Rican cuisine we adopted it and made it part of our culture. Mallorca bread can be found in most local Puerto Rican reposteria (bakery) along with many Puerto rican treats. It can be topped with powdered sugar, and fillings like raspberry or guava.


A pastry sandwich with a layer of guava paste, coated with powder sugar.


A cone shape pastry delicacy, filled with Bavarian cream and topped with powdered sugar.


9 Ounces of pure deliciousness. The tres Leche cup is the best moist cake in the world. With a combination of three different milks, the perfect baked,soft, sponge cake and the most wonderful whipped cream topped with a cherries; makes this dessert the best to eat after a meal. Honestly, at any time.


A baked custard dessert topped with caramel, made out of different flavors. This one is infused with vanilla.

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The cake was prepared with the colors of the ...

This cup is prepared with our special vanilla ...

9 Ounces of pure deliciousness. The tres Leche ...

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This army dress blue uniform cake, commemorate ...

This cake was made to celebrate the birthday of a ...

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This army dress blue uniform cake, commemorate the retirement of a sergeant first class who has served with honor for 20 years. With some of the details carefully design on edible paper to accent ...

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