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29 July 2020
As you all know, we are about to face the hardest part of the hurricane season. This, and the ...
05 July 2020
This temporary fix is for the Slick Slider and Extra slider modules for Sj/Virtuemart  
14 March 2020
Dear Customers As we all know, COVID-19 is affecting all of us mentally and socially. As a small ...

This temporary fix is for the Slick Slider and Extra slider modules for Sj/Virtuemart


The first error I encountered after Virtuemart updated, was an SQL syntax error.

* It took me a while, but I finally was able to find the backup files, and replace the file in "/modules/mod_sj_vm_slickslider/core/fields/sjvmcategories.php"

After that, the syntax error was gone, but I get this new problem "Maybe your component has been installed incorrectly."

I stared at the code for hour trying to fix the problem adviced in this website "" and had some of the problems on how the page was displayed, so that didn't work well for me.

That's where it hit me, all the values of the module configuration are just parameters store somewhere in joomla. I check and I checked, nothing. That's where I decided to move to the database.

It is not a permanent solution, and every time a change is made in the module, the fix has to be done again.

* Find the IDs for the categories you'd  like to display on the modules by going to virtuemart categories.

* Access your joomla database and go to the Modules table.

* You can find the row by scrolling, or you can run this query SELECT * FROM psuey_modules where LIKE "%slider%" (Replace psuey with your joomla given name)

* Go to the params column and add the CATID value right before the show_child_category. Don't forget the commas.

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